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About Me

Hi there, I'm Maisie-Kate the person behind traceless. I started traceless 2 years ago when I was 17 as a blog to document my journey towards living more sustainably. Through doing this I discovered that I could combine my passion for creating with my desire to encourage others to live more consciously. 

In the last few years, I've moved from my hometown in Yorkshire to Cornwall, I worked a season on the isles of Scilly then studied sustainable product design at Falmouth University. Despite seeming the perfect course for me I found being in education compromised my creativity as due to having dyslexic I spent more time attempting to complete the write-ups and less on the practical work. I decided that after the first year of studies I would leave the course move back to the isles of Scilly and start a small business selling hand made items. 


I'm now based on the beautiful Isles of Scilly using the incredible scenery as my main inspiration. Ive been exploring a range of media to begin a collection of products which Im still expanding.